Dharma Chakra Imports is working with the aim to uplift the socio-economic status of underprivileged producers of the Himalayan region. We envision improved quality of lives of these low income groups of people to encourage and support producers to adopt environment friendly and sustainable production practices. DCI  deals with various product categories with a main focus on cottage industry and marketing for low income craft producers, primarily women,that results in adequate wages to supplement the family income and improve the overall standard of living. For the past over 20 years, DCI has been self sustained and provides high quality products and good services to buyers and benefits over 1,000 low income producers each year directly and over 10,000 indirectly in many parts of Himalayan region. The promise we make, as suppliers, to our customers is that we use companies who do not exploit their workers and treat them with respect. This also means that they abide by the law to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. To you, our customers, you have the comfort to know that our products are not only of high quality and good value, but also are made by people who are committed to appropriate and standards of workplace reward, conduct and operation. Thanks to you, our customers, for reading this and taking an interest in our venture. We believe in growing together with a good cause.

May the joy of giving and receiving our products lift your spirits and bring you lasting wellness within.

Thank you!!